At Palmy Boys’

It is important to our School that the traditions and achievements of the past are built on to provide guidance and direction for our future generations.


The School fosters a desire to learn, to participate, to compete at the highest level and above all, instils a desire in each student to reach his potential.

We seek to provide our young men with an intellectual and moral education which will enable them to make a valuable contribution to our society.


The young men at PNBHS are encouraged to achieve in the classroom and to combine this success with competition in sporting and cultural activities.

This balance enables them to be challenged, extended and motivated in many facets of real life, preparing them for their pathway beyond our gates.


Palmerston North Boys’ High School is proud to be able to boast an impressive array of facilities.

Many of these facilities have come about through the generous support of the Old Boys’ and Parent Teacher Associations, and the wider school and business community.

If you have any questions about PNBHS, please get in touch.

At Palmy Boys’