College House

College House has excellent boarding facilities for up to 180 young men.

College House has recently redeveloped many of its facilities and this has seen the completion of the award winning Hart Dining Hall (2010), the O’Connor Wing Dormitory (2011) and the Colquhoun Dormitory (2014).

Three junior dormitories were refurbished in 2013. The renovations of the Recreation Room have been completed in 2015 and now proves to be a state-of-the-art facility for our boarders to utilise in their free time.

Wi-fi is provided throughout the hostel but is turned off during the hours of sleep.


College House has beds for up to 190 young men with nine dorms varying in size between eight to thirty beds. All dorms are of a similar layout with bed areas shared in pairs with each pair separated by partitions. Year 13 boarders reside in one to three bed “flats” contained within each of the dormitories. Some of these flats include bathroom facilities. The sleeping areas are all heated to create a comfortable environment and are cleaned every day by our cleaning staff.

Study Areas

Year 9-12 study is supervised by College House staff in the Dining Room and Function Room. Year 13 students have study areas in their flats and follow self-directed study programmes. Year 12 students also have study areas in their bed areas for extra study requirements. Boarders who do not have their own laptop or similar are able to use one of 32 College House Chromebooks.

Dining Hall

The award-winning Hart Dining Hall was completed in 2010. This is a spacious area that provides ample space for all meals and other functions. Breakfast, lunch and dinner all take place in the Dining Room, seven days of the week. Boarders return from school to have their lunch. Afternoon tea is packed by boarders at breakfast and taken to school. Meals are designed to meet the nutritional needs of active and growing teenagers. Supper provided during the break in prep during week nights.


Recreation spaces have been completely renovated in 2015. The mai recreation space includes a projection unit with Netflix and Spark Sport, as well as four pods of smaller TV’s for personal use. This Recreation Room also has a pool table and a table tennis table which are well utilised. A kitchenette provides the ability to make any extra snacks that boarders require outside of meal times. The “Rec Room” is a colourful and inviting environment for young men to relax in during their free time.

Year 13 boarders have a TV lounge complete with projected big screen SKY TV and a kitchenette.

Year 12 boarders have their own prep/recreation room complete with TV and a kitchenette.

Other recreation areas include tennis and basketball courts, cricket nets, covered swimming pool, BBQ and courtyard areas and the playing fields.


College House has two gymnasiums on site for boarders to use. These gymnasiums are inclusive of both free weights and cardio machine equipment. The gymnasiums are able to be used during a boarder’s free time.

Conference Room

The Conference Room is a recent addition to College House and is ideal for groups of up to 70 people. The Conference Room is used for school and hostel functions and is hired out to members of the community. This room is equipped with tea and coffee making facilities and a data projector. Catering options are available on request.


The ample school grounds provide opportunities for sports and other recreational activities. The location of College House provides easy access to the school gymnasiums for indoor activities and the indoor pool.

The College House BBQ and Courtyard allows the boarders to congregate over the summer months and gives them opportunities to cook for their peers.

Music Rehearsal Room

A soundproof music room equipped with a piano,  drum set and a lockable storage cupboard for personal instruments.