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Competing and co-operating for the benefit of young men”

Formed in 1997, the New Zealand Super Eight group of schools incorporates the eight boys’ high schools from their respective provincial cities in the central North Island. The first sporting competitions commenced in 1998 and involved rugby and cricket. Since that time, the Super Eight concept has grown to include not only 12 sports competitions, but also a cultural festival and professional development programmes for curriculum teachers and school leaders.

Super Eight schools sporting and cultural fixtures provide a level of competition for our young men that is at a higher level than that available in the local region. Consequently, they are able to compare their performance to those of some of the top sportsmen and cultural performers in New Zealand and, as a school, we can compare our achievements to those of some of the strongest boys’ schools in the country. Annually, the Super Eight schools competition provides invaluable preparation for our top teams as they prepare for national tournaments.

As all of the New Zealand Super Eight group of schools are boys’ schools, their focus is solely on the education and achievement of young men. The Super Eight schools meet regularly for teachers to share best practice in effective classroom teaching, and for leaders to share effective leadership strategies and tools – all focused specifically on boys.

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NZ Super Eight Schools