Old Boys’

We are extremely grateful to have the support of many Old Boys and local businesses that are in our community, who continue to assist us by being involved in our philanthropy programs. Your contributions help us achieve our goals of maintaining high standards and producing young men of outstanding character.

For Old Boys and businesses who are wanting to give back and support PNBHS, you can find out about the different ways to be involved below.

How can I give back and support PNBHS?

Join the Good Buggers Club

The Good Buggers Fund is an initiative that assist our students, the staff and Rector achieve goals and overcome challenges like financial hardship that is faced by the modern-day teaching and schooling environments…

Join the White Jersey Club

The White Jersey Club is for Old Boys who have been a member of, or have played for the 1st XV during their time at school. Members of the White Jersey pay an annual subscription with proceeds going to assist with the costs of running the 1st XV Program and helping boys who struggle to play rugby due to financial constraints…

Join the 1st XI Football Supporters Club

The 1st XI Football Supporters Club is a new initiative created for Old Boys and supporters of PNBHS 1st XI Football to assist with the costs of running the 1st XI Programme. If you would like to be involved with this new initiative… Read More

Giving Back to PNBHS