Old Boys’

The Business Alumni was developed by the School and the Old Boys’ Association in 2010 to recognise Old Boys who have made a significant contribution to business creation and development.

The Business Alumni has developed an area in E Block, where commerce subjects are taught, that honours Old Boys who have been or are:

  • Business leaders who have acted as a role model for others in the industry
  • Contributing, or have contributed, to the economy and society through business enterprise
  • Demonstrating community responsibility and involvement

It is the Business Alumni’s intention to name one or two new members annually to join the Palmerston North Boys’ High School Old Boys’ Business Alumni and as this list grows we hope the biographies will inspire those who take time to read what those in our alumni have achieved.

The Business Alumni hopes that young men, who are aspiring business leaders of the future, are able to read the achievements of our Business Alumni inductees and accordingly set goals for their own career. The young men of the school do appreciate the achievements of our Old Boys and it is important for them to recognise the opportunities available and to read about Old Boys who once sat in the same seats as they are sitting in now.

We believe that it is important to acknowledge those who make a difference, who take the opportunity to lead in their careers or personal lives as these people make a difference to the quality of our lives. As a school, we continue to emphasise the importance of competition and achievement. We have many proud Old Boys and we are indeed proud of them and for the difference they have made; their actions have endorsed our values.

Sir Peter Blake said “It is vital to get people to understand the problems and make them realise it is not just for governments to control. It needs the average person to say enough is enough for the right informed reasons.”

We believe that the Business Alumni tradition is in keeping with the high standards the School strives to develop and maintain, and we hope that the actions and achievements of our Old Boys may inspire generations to come.


Raymond Barry Clevely

Mr Barry Clevely

PNBHS 1954-1956 – Albion Club

Mr Barry Brown

PNBHS 1964 – 1968 – Murray Club

Mr Mark Cross

PNBHS 1980-1984 – Phoenix Club

Mr Matthew Goodson

PNBHS 1983-1987 – Kia Ora Club

Mr Bart Campbell

PNBHS 1984-1988 – Vernon Club

Mr William Kermode

PNBHS 1972-1976 – Gordon Club

Mr Ross George

PNBHS 1973-1977 – Murray Club

Sir Brian Elwood

PNBHS 1947-1952 – Albion Club

Mr Bruce Lambie

PNBHS 1960-1963 – Kia Ora Club

Mr John Reid

PNBHS 1953-1957 – Phoenix Club

Mr David McDowell

PNBHS 1950-1954 – Gordon Club

Mr Robin Stalker

PNBHS 1971-1975 – Albion Club

Mr Paul Baines

PNBHS 1964-1968 – Phoenix Club

Mr Simon Moutter

PNBHS 1974-1978 – Gordon Club

Mr David Arthur Shand

PNBHS 1958-1961 – Gordon Club

Mr Donald Gordon Trow

PNBHS 1950-1954 – Kia Ora Club

Mr Fredrick Hollows

PNBHS 1943-1947 – Albion Club

Business Alumni