College House

A Typical Weekday of a Boarder at College House

Time Activity
6:45am Boarders wake-up.
A hostel run may be scheduled.
Boarders shower and clean dorm.
7.15 – 7.45am Breakfast.
8.15am Dormitory inspection.
8.25am Depart for school. Pack morning tea on the way.
1.20pm Boarders return to College House for lunch.
Boarders depart from Dining Room for school once they have finished lunch.
3.20pm Return to College House from school.
3.20 – 5.20pm Sports training or co-curricular activities.
Town leave may be taken on the following days:
Year 9 and 10 – Monday
Year 11 – Monday/Wednesday
Year 12 and 13 – No set days
5.30pm Dinner.
All boarders remain in Dining Hall for presentations and notices.
6.15 – 7.00pm Free time.
Marching practice or other College House activities may be scheduled.
7.00pm Prep (study).  Watch TV News (15 mins)
Year 9 – 11: Supervised prep in Dining Room and Function Room
Year 12: Supervised prep in Study Room
Year 13: Independent study in dorms or Study Room
8.30pm Supper
9.15pm Year 9 and 10 “lights out”
9.30pm Year 11 “lights out”
10.00pm Year 12 “lights out”

Year 13 boarders must be in their own flats by 10.00pm

  • Year 10 boarders undertake their allocated job throughout the day. Times depend on the nature of their allocated job.
  • Weekends vary from the above programme allowing more free time and organized hostel activities.
  • Weekends will include prep before and during examination periods.


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Day in the Life of a Boarder