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I am just emailing to report on my trip today out to Otiwhiti Station with the boys on Monday.

What an outstanding group of young men! They were polite, respectful and conscientious throughout all aspects of the day. They got stuck in and made the most of their trip. Charlie and the team at Otiwhiti praised the boys for the way they acted, asked questions and got involved. They even held doors for others and insisted on the girls in the group eat their dinner first. Outstanding manners.

It is young men like these that make me proud to call myself an old boy of the school; not in any way tainting the name of the school by their actions, but promoting the good name the school continues to carry.

We couldn’t praise them more, they even shouted us soft serves on the way home to say thanks.

Could you please pass on my appreciation to the boys for making the trip enjoyable, stress-free and an all round fantastic day.”

Palmerston North Community Member, Trip to Otiwhiti Station

“Dear Sir,

Last week I stopped to get a coffee at O’Briens cafe on my way to work.
Three PNBHS students in senior uniform were waiting for their order when an older lady, who was having trouble with her cell phone, approached them to see if they could help her ‘make it work’.
What I witnessed made my day….. they smiled, were polite and friendly, kindly took the time to show her what to do and quite possibly made her day also.

In a world where people are quick to complain or condemn I just wanted to take the opportunity commend you, the staff and students of PNBHS for having a wonderful moment of character.”

Palmerston North Community Member, Young men of outstanding character

“Dear Mr Bovey, Staff and Students

You will know by the nature of the viewing response to the video of the school haka that many, many people around the world have been impressed by the dignified and powerful message of support the school body presented at the funeral of Mr Tamatea. That the whole school showed in unison, in one voice, such a level of respect for one of their teachers speaks volumes of the character of your students, and the status of your school as a place of community, as a place with strong values of family and whanau.

May I add my own message, on behalf of the staff and students at Castleknock College, Dublin, Ireland. Students at my own school still talk about the PNBHS haka on the occasion of your visit to us. Through this bond, we share your loss in a small way over a long distance. We in turn are uplifted by the power and dignity of the haka performed by the school. Most importantly, as you clearly already understand, you have shown the greatest possible gesture of support for the family of Mr Tamatea.”

Anonymous, Message to PNBHS

“On Friday 22nd May I had the pleasure of observing a number of your boys at the Waipukurau New World Supermarket, where they had stopped for some sustenance on their way to a sports function further north. The total admiration from many customers and staff , for such a well dressed, well manner, well behaved group of fine young men, acting with pride, dressed immaculately in their school uniform, is a credit to them and the school. Please pass this message on to the principal and sports team involved.

Anonymous, Sports Team travelling on 22 May through Waipukurau

“Good morning,
I am a resident in the Turangi area and a local businessman. In another positon I am also a Taupo District Councillor.
When driving through town on Saturday I saw these boys dressed in sharp school blazers walking by some shops. I had to go into one of the shops and some of the boys then came out of the local dairy.
I stopped to see where they from and they told me Palmerston North Boys High School.
I have to say they were such incredibly polite and well dressed boys I felt compelled to write to you and simply commend you on the calibre of the students that you are obviously producing.
As a Councillor I can fully appreciate that each of these young men are ambassadors for not just your school, but also for you region as a whole and as such a positive image is always sought.
Well Sir/Madam you have every right to be quite proud of those boys and for the way in which they presented themselves to our district and even though I am myself a product of St Peters College in Palmerston North [hence a strong bias! ;-)] I must say – well done!

Anonymous, Sports Team travelling on 22 May through Waipukurau

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