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Parent Teacher Association

About Us

We assist with:
• Supplying tea/coffee at parent-teacher evenings, school concerts and drama productions.
• The Year 13 Leavers’ Dinner supper after the formal prize-giving
• Funding the staff members’ children’s Christmas party
• Fundraising for special projects
• Funding curriculum needs on an annual basis
• Funding outside speakers

The Current Commmittee

• Chairperson – Tanya Leslie
• Treasurer – Amanda Hight
• Secretary – Cherie Smither
• Rector – David Bovey
• Staff Rep – Grant Sinclair

Front Row (L to R): David Bovey, Gaylene Thomas, Wendy Maddocks, Cherie Smither, Catriona Jenkinson, Lee-Anne Jones, Debbie Rippingham, Grant Sinclair.
Back Row (L to R): Justin Doolan, Debs Marshall, Kate Malone, Alison Kinghorn, Deidre Southee, Rob Gardner, Cameron Mander, Natalie Martin, Julie Hayes, Rose Mitchell, Nardine Hall.


Parents are welcome to join us in the school library at 5.30pm, usually on the second Tuesday of the month. For exact dates, refer tom the school calendar. The meetings are informal, and usually last approximately one hour. If you are unable to attend regular meetings you may wish to join our “Friends of the PTA” group who we call on from time to time to assist with various activities.

If you are interested in becoming a “Friend” of the PTA, please contact the secretary, Cherie Smither at

The PTA Levy

Families are levied $20.00 each year which is invoiced with the school fees. The money is used to sponsor the printing of the school newsletter as we see this as a very important means of communicating with parents.

Events and Fundraising

The PTA hold fundraising events each year and the proceeds of these are used to fund various projects. The main fundraising event has been the raffle but we like to do additional events when we can. This year’s money is being put toward the purchase of outdoor furniture for students. Previous activities have resulted in the canteen been covered in, laptop lockers for students and more drinking fountains being made available around the school.

The PTA also contributes to curriculum needs. Each year the heads of departments put in requests for additional equipment that they are unable to purchase within their allocated budgets. We are pleased to be able to assist with providing the “important extras” that make such a difference in teaching and learning here at Palmerston North Boys’ High School.

If you would like to know more, please contact The Secretary, Cherie Smither at