Welcome to PNBHS   READ MORE Palmerston North Boys' High School is a traditional boys’ school of 1800 young men aged 13 to 18 whose vision is to Develop Educated Men of Outstanding Character. READ MORE   Character Education    READ MORE We provide a gamut of opportunities which contributes to the character development of our boys as they become young men. READ MORE   Developing Young Men   READ MORE As a boys’ school, we firmly believe in the benefits of a single sex education. A focus on what works for boys, on how boys learn and on the importance of all-round education for boys, is at the heart of what we do. READ MORE   Academic Pathways    READ MORE Develop lifelong learning opportunities through a challenging and stimulating environment, where each young man desires to achieve his highest potential. READ MORE   Co-curricular Opportunities    WHAT WE OFFER The young men at PNBHS are encouraged to achieve in the classroom and to combine this success with competition in sporting and cultural activities. WHAT WE OFFER  

Welcome Video

Click on the video above to view a digital display on a day in the life here at PNBHS.

College House Boarding

College House provides seven day boarding in quality accommodation for 180 young men.

Information for Year 9’s 2024; Week 1 & 2 Organisation, School Map, rules, uniform.

Our priority is to assist young men to achieve academic qualifications to their greatest potential.

Cultural Opportunities

Watch to see the cultural opportunities available to our young men here at Palmy Boys’.

Developing Young Men

Boys in boys’ schools consistently achieve above boys in co-educational schools at all levels of NCEA.

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Welcome to PNBHS