At Palmy Boys’

The Leadership Programme was introduced to Palmerston North Boys’ High School in 2006, along with the appointment of a Leadership Director.

The programme has seen increased opportunities for student leadership across both curriculum and co-curricular areas, as well as responsibility within programmes such as peer mentoring and tutoring. This has seen increased opportunities for students to develop in character and confidence as they have progressed in to the senior school.

Increased involvement in school and community service, as well as the full suite of pastoral, sports and cultural activities our young men undertake on their journey to becoming educated men of outstanding character also continue to contribute to developing their character and confidence. 2015 marks a decade of character education and the Leadership Programme continues to positively shape our young men in a world where the challenges facing our young men are never ending.

The PNBHS Leadership Programme aims to provide assistance to developing an educated man of outstanding character by developing each young man in not only his knowledge (education) but also in the key areas of his confidence and character.

PNBHS Leadership Programme