Fee Schedule for Palmerston North Boys’ High School International Programme.


Tuition $NZD
Full Year $15,500
Per Term $3,875
Homestay $NZD
Homestay Fee $275 per week ($12,650 p.a.)
Administration $NZD
Full Year $1,500
Per Term $375
Incidentals (Refundable) $NZD
Full Year $1,000
Per Term $250
Insurance* $NZD
Full Year $595
Uniform** $850
Other $NZD
Pastoral Care Fee $300
NCEA $384
Hostel $NZD
Full Year $13,335
Per Term $3,334
Pastoral Fee $300
Holiday Homestay $2,400


  • There is no refund of fees except in exceptional circumstances. See ‘Refund Policy’.
  • All fees quoted above are in New Zealand dollars and are inclusive of GST (Goods & Services Tax of 15%), unless GST is not payable
  • Fees are reviewed annually

*Insurance is quoted individually. Prices above are approximate
** Loan uniform can be borrowed for short term stays. Students may need to buy parts of uniform due to lack of availability. If the total $850 is not used, the remainder of the Uniform balance is refunded.