At Palmy Boys’

  • Jewellery such as rings, ear studs, bracelets and necklaces must not be worn. Body piercing is not acceptable at this school.
  • Haircuts must be neat and appropriate for school: neither long nor too short, and must be cut to the satisfaction of the Rector or Deputy Rector. Dyed hair is not acceptable at this school. Sideboards must not extend beyond the ear lobe. Hair products such as wax and gel are not permitted.
  • The standard school uniform consists of a grey shirt, black shorts, black socks with two white bands, and a grey jersey with a V-neck and school crest and colours.
  • Correct school uniform must be worn on the way to/from school.
  • Jackets – in wet weather, students may wear an appropriate raincoat to and from school. Around school students may wear a black parka or an approved black jacket. Students do not have permission to wear black dress jackets/overcoats.
  • Year 12 and 13 students may wear the senior black jersey if they have achieved NCEA Level 1, and may wear the official long dark grey trousers during Terms 2 and 3.
  • Shorts should be above the knee in length and the correct size for the wearer.
  • Students must wear the approved school socks, just below the knee. Garters must be worn to ensure socks stay at the required length.
  • Footwear – students may wear either black leather laced shoes or plain black roman sandals (worn without socks).
  • The school blazer, with white shirt and tie, may be worn by any student on special occasions (eg inter-school sports). Senior students (Year 12 and 13) may wear the senior school representative blazer on these occasions.
  • For PE, students must wear their club singlet and/or club jersey, official white shorts, and suitable footwear. In colder weather students may wear the approved blue polypropylene under their club singlet. White ankle socks must be worn with shoes for PE or club activities.
  • In summer, the official blue cap or white brimmed hat may be worn at intervals and lunchtimes. Approved sunglasses may be worn with these hats for approved activities.

Junior and Senior Day Uniform

Junior Formal Uniform

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Senior No. 1’s

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PE / Club Colours

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