Old Boys’

A fund has been set up for Old Boys and “Friends of the School” (non-Old Boys but contributors to the school none the less) to assist the Rector and the staff in helping the young men at the school overcome some of the challenges they face in today’s secondary school environment.

We would encourage you to consider joining your fellow Old Boys and “Friends of the School” by making a small monthly donation to this fund to ensure the students at PNBHS are able to participate fully in all aspects of their school lives, and to maintain high standards and values that we all have come to love and admire about the school.

The Good Buggers Fund (GBF) has been set up by Old Boys as part the PNBHS Educational Foundation Trust (EFT). The Educational Foundation Trust is a Charitable Trust, (set up under the provisions of the Charitable Trusts Act 1957) and has been in existence within the school for many years.

The purpose of the EFT is to “advance education at PNBHS, assist the Board of Trustees and the Rector, to preserve and develop the ethos, standards, reputation and facilities of the school, and to provide, extend, alter, improve, repair and maintain the educational, cultural, sporting and leadership amenities, opportunities and standards for the School and its pupils and staff”.

The Good Buggers Club