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The Good Buggers Club


A fund has been set up for Old Boys and “Friends of the School” (non-Old Boys but contributors to the school none the less) to assist the Rector and the staff in helping the young men at the school overcome some of the challenges they face in today’s secondary school environment.

We would encourage you to consider joining your fellow Old Boys and “Friends of the School” by making a small monthly donation to this fund to ensure the students at PNBHS are able to participate fully in all aspects of their school lives, and to maintain high standards and values that we all have come to love and admire about the school.


The Good Buggers Fund (GBF) has been set up by Old Boys as part the PNBHS Educational Foundation Trust (EFT). The Educational Foundation Trust is a Charitable Trust, (set up under the provisions of the Charitable Trusts Act 1957) and has been in existence within the school for many years.

The purpose of the EFT is to “advance education at PNBHS, assist the Board of Trustees and the Rector, to preserve and develop the ethos, standards, reputation and facilities of the school, and to provide, extend, alter, improve, repair and maintain the educational, cultural, sporting and leadership amenities, opportunities and standards for the School and its pupils and staff”.

What is the Good Buggers Fund?

The Good Buggers’ Fund is a fund that has been set up by the PNBHS Educational Foundation Trust for Old Boys and supporters of the school who contribute a small amount of money each month, that want to give something back to the school and ensure that the education and opportunities we were given when we were at school are available to current and future boys who attend PNBHS.

Why have the fund?

PNBHS offers a vast range of opportunities for boys who attend PNBHS.

Unfortunately, many of today’s students are unable to take up these opportunities or participate in academic, sporting or cultural activities due to economic circumstances, lack of family support etc.

The Good Buggers Fund will assist students who have the desire to take up these opportunities but don’t have financial means to do so. The fund will also support students who are unable to fund curriculum and essentials such as calculators or other subject resources that can assist with their education.

Also, what many people don’t realise either, is that the Ministry of Education only fund schools for “operating costs” ie teachers’ salaries, maintenance of existing buildings etc. If a school wants to build a new gymnasium, music facility, upgrade the rugby fields etc, the majority of the funding required needs to be raised by the school via Old Boys’ donations, community support, trust funding etc. PNBHS have some exciting projects planned and need Old Boys’ support.

What are we asking for?

We are asking for Old Boys and “Friends of the School” to consider giving a small ongoing monthly donation to the fund. Many Old Boys have set up automatic payments from $20- $50 per month, however, those who would like to contribute more are encouraged to consider doing so, while those who would like to donate less are encouraged to donate whatever they feel comfortable with. Every donation is welcomed and appreciated.

Being a charitable trust, donations are tax-deductible. At the end of the financial year, the Trust will send you a tax deduction rebate receipt which will enable you to claim one-third of your donation back. For example, if you set up an automatic donation of $50 per month (ie $600 per year), you would be able to claim $200 back in tax. In essence, your annual donation would be $400. When you break this down, this is equivalent to approximately 3 tanks of petrol per year, or just over $7 per week.

Who controls the money and makes the distributions?

The fund is controlled by the Trustees of the PNBHS Educational Foundation Trust.

The Rector makes recommendations based on where there is a need in the school that requires support. These requests are in the first place initiated by staff that are in-charge of subjects or activities that have identified a student that needs assistance.

The Trust will communicate throughout the year with the GBC members outlining the distributions that have been approved from the fund. Projects that are coming up that need supporting will also be outlined.

How to contribute

We would encourage all Old Boys to consider contributing to the Good Buggers Club, no matter what the size of the contribution you are able to make.

You can become part of the Good Buggers Club by setting up a monthly donation via automatic payment. The account details are:

Account Name: The PNBHS Educational Foundation Trust
Account Number: 02-0727-0159856-097

When setting up your monthly donation, please put the first letter of your first name, along with your full surname as the reference (eg J.Smith).

Code: GBC

Please email Rachel Wenham ( if you require further information and to confirm your involvement with the GBC.

A concluding word

Most of us know PNBHS punches way above its weight.

A small contribution from a lot of Old Boys will help the school achieve its goals of maintaining its high standards and producing young men of outstanding character!

We would encourage you to encourage other PNBHS Old Boys you know to also support this fund.
Nihil Boni Sine Labore