Old Boys’

In our last newsletter, we asked our old boys to share their stories about their current situation or experiences dealing with this pandemic from wherever they are based.

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Paul Rowland | 1961-64 | Gordon Club

I manage a motel in Paihia in the Bay of Islands and have been here for 9 years and have been in the accommodation business in New Zealand and overseas for 30 plus years and prior to that managing cinemas/film distribution here in New Zealand and London.

In all that time I have never encountered the situation we have at the moment.
Its been chaos here with people not being able to get back overseas and having to ride out the 4 week period from last Wednesday midnight and to isolate. However, it’s a nice to place to be in and close to the sea.

However stories here and from the country with colleagues in the industry its devastating for the tourism and a major earner in the countries economy. I am sure with a vaccine to come up in the future the situation will approve. However, it’s going to take some time to recuperate.

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