Old Boys’

Enjoy ‘Woolston Brass’ world premiere performance of “The Gavin Marriott March” composed by Gary Daverne. Recorded and filmed by Alex Harmer (Radio New Zealand) on 16 March 2020 at the Woolston Band Room, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Old Boy Gavin Marriott JP (1966-70), is a retired New Zealand music promoter and former London paramedic, born and now back in Christchurch NZ. He has an interest in war history and military music. He wrote the lyrics and arranged the NZ Army’s only original march –‘Hauraki’. He organised the centenary of NZ’s most famous march ‘Invercargill’ by Alex Lithgow and rewrote the lyrics. Gavin’s research shows that ‘Invercargill’ was initially composed whilst Alex was conductor of Woolston Brass in 1901. Gavin has now written his autobiography ‘Get A Life’ which features the manuscript of this tune.

Gary Daverne ONZM is an Auckland musical arranger, producer and conductor of the Auckland Symphony Orchestra. He has composed music for symphony orchestras, brass and military bands, children’s songs and musicals, with more than 500 television and radio advertising jingles, film soundtracks and pop songs and compositions for accordion. As a music producer Daverne has released over 40 albums achieving one Platinum and two Gold records. He too has written his autobiography ‘From The Podium’.


Woolston Brass’ world premiere performance of “The Gavin Marriott March”